Cyclone Slash
Cyclone Slash
Swings the sword to send a tornado slash to enemies in front. When the enemies are hit by the tornado slash, tornadoes that launch enemies into the air for a while will be created.
Learned by
Class Swordmaster
Type Active skill
Offensive skill
Attribute Neutral
Cooldown 13 sec
Mana Cost 1.5% of base (PvE)
0.8% of base (PvP)
Maximum Level 17
Character Level 20
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
30 SP used on Warrior skills
Required Skill/s Moonlight Splitter
Weapon Used Sword
Gameplay Video
Cyclone Slash00:07

Cyclone Slash

Cyclone Slash is a Swordmaster skill available at Level 20. It delivers a slash that creates a tornado that tosses enemies into the air.

EX Version

Cyclone Slash EX

Cyclone Slash EX Awakening


Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Magical ATK MP Cost of base MP
1 20 309% + 94 - 1.5% 0.8%

Notes Edit

  • For a high combo method, use Cyclone Slash at a large number of mobs, then get close to the enemies with Hacking Stance, followed by any other skill to keep the chain hit combo higher or after cooldown of Cyclone Slash and doing the Heavy Slash, doing the same process with Cyclone Slash then followed by Crescent Cleave to keep the chain hit combo much higher.
  • Before the cyclone dissipates, the player can use Line Drive perfectly without missing.
  • As the EX version of Cyclone Slash is an interesting trick and before the Cyclone Slash dissipates, it can be followed by a Great Wave from the Swordmaster or Circle Bomber from the Mercenary class, making a suctionary "Cyclone Slash Explosion" to knock down the enemies even longer.

Additional Info Edit

  • Casting time of Cyclone Slash is similar to Halfmoon Slash (+50 action Plate or EX version without Plate)
  • Increase Cyclone size at level 6
  • Before 50 cap, Max hits is 13 hits
  • The enemies will only juggled on the side of the Cyclone not in the center of it
  • Suction Effect only apply in EX version
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