Cyclone Slash EX
Cyclone Slash EX
Cyclone Slash's cyclone becomes bigger and more deadly which pulls enemies and increase Magical ATK for those accurately hit.






Passive Enhancement


Cyclone Slash EX00:20

Cyclone Slash EX

Enchance Cyclone Slash and becomes bigger and more powerful. Enemies are pulled and Critical resistance will be reduce if hits accurately.

Increase the Attack Power of CyLone Slash by 50%, grants suction effect.

  • Critical resistance reduced by: 20% (PVE), Duration: 10 Seconds
  • Critical resistance reduced by 10% (PVP), Duration: 5 seconds

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Sword Master SP Total more then:
Lv. 1 55 Moonlight Splitter EX 65

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Cyclone Slash's ATK:
1 (M) 55 +50%

Additional Info Edit

  • Casting time is still similar to Cyclone Sash
  • Cyclone is much bigger and powerfull than level 6
  • Cyclone can now activate on permeable / semi-permeable object
  • suction is strong enough to prevent movements out of the cyclone even bosses, unless used traveling skills
  • At Pre 93 Cap, -30% magic resistance to enemies
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