Daidalos Nest
Loading 14417
Location Accessible through Garden of Time and Space
Race/s Various
Boss Mad Daidalos
Instance Info
Instance Type Nest
Recommended Levels 90
Party Size Limit 4
Entry Limit 3 per week
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Guard Scimitar
Fannie Broka
Cold Mirage Sadnyth
Dark Lanker
Mad Daidalos

Daidalos Nest is a Level 90 nest, and the first Mist Land-themed nest in the game.

Background Edit

The citizens of Merca whisper of an abandoned maze, filled with strange monsters within. It is an ominous place where no one had exited alive. Word has it that the legendary architect and master craftsman Daidalos created this maze as his masterpiece, only to be turned into a Child by the cruel Goddess Vestinel.

The Child within Daidalos overshadowed all goodness in him, and instead, coaxed the architect to kill those he loved. Unable to fight the voice of evil, Daidalos succumbed and murdered his family. Tortured by his deeds, Daidalos turned insane and locked himself up in his maze, where he now prowls for new victims to satisfy the insatiable thirst of the Child within…

Overview Edit

Stage 1: Guard Scimitar Edit

Stage 2: Fannie Broka Edit

Stage 3: Cold Mirage Sadnyth Edit

Stage 4: Dark Lanker Edit

Boss Stage: Mad Daidalos Edit

Rewards Edit

Changelog Edit

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