Dark Overlord Keep
Location Dark Overlord Gates, Foothills of Black Mountain
Race/s Goblins
Boss Flamewing
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 26 (Easy)
26 (Normal)
27 (Hard)
27 (Master)
31 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses


Dark Overlord Keep is a Level 26 dungeon located in the Dark Overlord Entrance in Foothills of Black Mountain.


Dark Overlord Keep is the easiest dungeon among the four dungeons in Dark Overlord Entrance. The objective of this dungeon is to defeat the enemies that reside in the dungeon, including the gargoyle Flamewing summoned by three Fire Brethren Shamans.

The dungeon has three areas.

  • The first area begins in a Saint Haven encampment in Black Mountain which is sieged by mobs from uphill. After clearing the threats, a short way up the nearby hill will bring the player to a much larger encampment from the soldiers of the Dark Overlord Army. Before heading to the next area, it is required to wipe out the defense forces that stand in front of the gate, although the number of mobs called by the drumming goblin on the other side and the charging armored orcs would continue to exert pressure. It is necessary to take out the drumming goblin to cut down the flow of hostile mobs before taking out the rest of the troops.
  • The second area would be a solitary mission for the player or party as the Saint Haven soldiers will stay at the previous area. After heading down to the pit-like barracks, spawns of mobs will come within a certain time interval. Hounds from the northwest, spiders from the southeast, trolls from the southwest, and an ogre (or two in Abyss) will spawn in order. It is advised to go on the aggressive during this stage, taking out the hostiles before they reach the center and setting the ogre for last. After killing the ogre, the north path to the next area opens.
  • In the final stage, Flamewing and its three Fire Brethren Shaman summoners will go on the attack. Focus on killing the Brethren Shamans first as killing the gargoyle first will allow the Brethren Shamans to summon another. After taking care of the Brethren Shamans, try to finish off Flamewing using ranged attacks while avoiding getting into his path, as it casts Flame Road every time it swoops down towards the attackers. As much as possible, do not let the gargoyle transform into its statue mode, as it allows Flamewing to recover hit points while spitting out fireballs at the direction of the player every half-second.


  • Hounds
  • Goblin Snipers
  • Goblin Assassins
  • Goblins
  • Orcs
  • Spiders
  • Trolls
  • Ogres


  • Flamewing

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