Dark Overlord Training Camp
275px-Black Sovereign Assembly Loading Screen
Location Dark Overlord Entrance, Foothills of Black Mountain
Race/s Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Ogres, Trolls
Boss Jakobo
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 30(Easy)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Orge ???

Dark Overlord Training Camp is a Level 30 dungeon located in the Dark Overlord Entrance on Foothills of Black Mountain.


The Dark Overlord Training Camp is the third dungeon in the Dark Overlord Entrance.

The dungeon has three areas:

Story QuestEdit


Gerraint appears alongside the player and helps the player to infiltrate the Black Dragon Nest, open switches, and summon Saint Haven soldiers. After the boss is defeated, a gate appears that leads to the Black Dragon's Nest.

As the player, Argenta , and the Saint Haven army assembles in the nest, Gerraint charges against the Black Dragon Velskud, and transforms into a Golden Dragon. The two duel against each other, as hordes of mobs are encountered in the Dark Overlord entrance. Argenta takes command of the army, and the player and the Saint Haven soldiers charge into the hordes.
Maxresdefault (1)

Argenta leading troops to attack.

The goal of the player in the ensuing battle is to help Saint Haven soldiers battle against the mobs, and kill all enemies. Consider that the player will encounter all monsters in the Dark Overlord Entrance encountered so far, including the bosses and mini-bosses, whilst in the sky, Gerraint battles the Black Dragon.

Gerraint vs the Black Dragon

By the time enough mobs have been killed, 


  • Hounds
  • Goblin Assassins
  • Goblin Snipers
  • Hobgoblin
  • Skeleton Guards
  • Worshipper Brethens


  • Jakobo

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