Dark Tower Magic Institute
Loading 152
Location Secret Path, Blizzard Plain
Race/s Spiders
Boss Spider Queen Raren
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 18 (Easy)
18 (Normal)
19 (Hard)
19 (Master)
23 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Spider Queen Raren

Dark Tower Magic Institute, also known as the Magic Laboratory of Fairystar, is a Level 18 dungeon located in the Secret Path at the foot of Mana Ridge. Once a haven for aspiring students of Vision Magic, the complex is now infested with spiders.

The low number of encounters in this dungeon makes it valuable in boosting and — before the changes to the Key of Dimensional Box were implemented — key hunting.


The objective of clearing Dark Tower Magic Institute is to clear the dungeon of the spiders that infest the area. It is advised to not touch the many spider eggs that litter the area, because it would only summon Baby Tarantulas, slowing down anyone's advance, especially at lower levels.

Mob GuideEdit

  • Boss: Spider Queen Raren

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