Deadly Drill
Deadly Drill
Spins the body like a screw and flies in front to give damage to nearby enemies. While performing the skill, press [Normal Attack Button] to immediately stop and give the last blow. Can also be activated with [Jump button] while in the air.








Deadly Drill00:04

Deadly Drill

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Kali SP Total more then: Learning SP Cost SP per Skill Lv
Lv. 14 29 Twinkle Spin 35 3 SP 1 SP

Skill Info Edit

  • Skill limit when included item effect: Lv 16.
  • Final Damage increases when in [Blade Enhancement] state.
  • Cooldown: 16 s
  • Duration 10 s
    • All dmg received increased by
      • (PVE): 20%
      • (PVP): 10%

Skill Level Info Edit

Skill Lv.

! Level Required ATK (PVE) ATK (PVP)
Lv. 1 29 1285% 215%
Lv. 5 41 1517% 288%
Lv. 6 44 1827% 366%
Lv. 10 56 2059% 448%
Lv. 14 (M) 59 3766%

In Other LocalizationsEdit

리프레싱 스크류

Refreshing Screw, Korea

Swivel Charge

North America

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