Desert Dragon Nest
Location Tel Numara Desert (accessible only through Garden of Time and Space)
Race/s Dragon (one, Desert Dragon Jakard)
Boss Desert Dragon Jakard
Instance Info
Instance Type Raid Nest
Recommended Levels 60
Party Size Limit 5-8
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Lamia Queen Itera
Death Lord Achmad
Spitflower Ignis
Canyon Guardian Abubbah
Loyal Follower Kajif
Storm Master Zuu
Sandworm Hazal
Desert Dragon Jakard

The Desert Dragon Nest is a Level 60 Raid Nest, and the third of its kind to be released on Dragon Nest.


Birth of the Desert DragonEdit

Two dragon brothers, Ancient and Chaos guarded Lagendia while Goddess Altea slipped into a poisoned slumber. But a growing darkness was creeping upon the lands they protected – an evil dragon named Beyond whose goal was to destroy everything good into oblivion.

Ancient and Chaos fought and defeated Beyond, but not before the evil dragon bit Chaos and infected the good dragon with darkness and malice. With a heavy heart, Ancient attacked and killed his brother Chaos. Ancient was nowhere to be found thereafter.

The death of Chaos spawned 7 jewel fragments which were scattered throughout Lagendia. Years passed, and one of jewel fragments soon grew strong enough to be awakened. This was the Desert Dragon.

Operation Desert StormEdit

When the War of the Ancients broke out, the corrupted Ancients tried to use the awakened Desert Dragon to win the war. Unfortunately, the wild Desert Dragon was too strong to be controlled. After the War, the good Ancients caged the Desert Dragon in an obscure part of the desert.

50 years ago, after the Black Dragon Raid, Geraint discovered the Desert Dragon and sealed the beast back into its jeweled form.

Little did he know that years later, Professor K would find and extensively experiment on the jewel and that Jasmine would make use of Professor K’s comprehensive research to awaken the Desert Dragon once more…

Overview Edit

Rewards Edit

Changelog Edit

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