Disassembling is the process of breaking down equipment into items that can be used in other features of Dragon Nest. Disassembling requires the usage of the Disassembler NPC located in field maps outside of towns and a monetary fee. When it was first introduced, disassembling equipment is a way for players to acquire Comet Dusts and Sun Sparks, which are then exchanged for Enhancement Codes (Vortex and Spiral Codes). However, due to the changes to the disassembling system, it has become an inefficient way of retrieving jewels obtained from enhancing equipment.

The process of disassembling starts with visiting a Disassembler NPC. After confirming the use of the NPC, the disassembling UI appears, showing the four item slots available for players to add equipment into, and the price for the disassembling process, which depends on the enhancement level, rarity and the level of the equipment itself. When the user confirms the items to be disassembled, the products of the process will come out of the machine.

Equipment of the normal and magic rarities cannot be disassembled.



  • Equipment of enhancement level higher than 6 can no longer be disassembled.
  • Sun Sparks and Comet Dusts removed from the game. Disassembly products replaced by jewels of corresponding level range (i.e., Level 40 equipment drops Ordinary Agates, Alteums and/or Diamonds).