Divine Ascension EX
Divine Ascension EX
Counterattack damage is changed to Light Attribute and Normal Attack button can be used additionally after the counterattack to shoot light energy to the front. Invincible at the moment of shooting.
Learned by
Class Guardian
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Light
Mana Cost 366 MP (PvE)

2750 MP (PvP)

Maximum Level 1
Character Level 60
Skill Points 0 SP to learn
Required Skill/s Divine Ascension
Weapon Used Mace or Flail
Gameplay Video
Divine Ascension EX00:08

Divine Ascension EX

Divine Ascension EX is a Guardian skill available at Level 60. Using the Normal Attack button again after the initial attack of Divine Ascension releases energy that deals 20% of the user's physical attack as Light-attribute damage. The user is invincible upon usage of this skill.

Guardian Skills
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