Divine Combo
Divine Combo
Dashes to the front with quick consecutive attacks. Enter [Normal Attack Button] during attack to push enemies away.

[The effect is enhanced in Skill Level 6.]

Learned by
Class Cleric
Type Instant
Cooldown 15 sec
Maximum Level 27
Character Level 4
Skill Points 1 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Divine Combo is a Cleric skill available at Level 4. It delivers several consecutive attacks while moving forward, dealing damage to nearby enemies. At Level 6, the skill gains magical damage parallel to physical damage. Additional command can also be entered quicker and can be alternatively finished by pressing the Special Attack Button to deliver a slam to the ground, tossing nearby enemies around the user into the air.

Skill Information Edit

Cleric Skills
Shield Blow Shield Blow Lightning Strike Lightning Strike Side Kick Half Turn Kick Elbow Drop Stomping Kick
Divine Combo Divine Combo Wake Attack Counter Blow Holy Kick Holy Kick Tumble Sliding Step
Charge Bolt Charge Bolt Dash Dash Drop Kick Dive Kick
Holy Bolt Holy Bolt Soccer Kick Low Kick Sliding Knee Kick Sliding Knee Kick
Toughness Toughness Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion Physical Mastery Physical Mastery Mental Mastery Mental Mastery
Aura Restoration Aura Restoration Block Block Heal Heal Mind Conquer Mind Conquer

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