Dragon Fellowship
Location Accessible through Garden of Time and Space (Lv.60)
Race/s Various
Boss Random
Instance Info
Instance Type Special instance
Recommended Levels 60
Entry Ticket Mobius Strip
Party Size Limit Two players
Bosses and Mini-bosses


Dragon Fellowship is a two-man high-level instance which revisits various stages from previously released nests and raid nests. This instance rewards players with enhancement heraldries, new special skill heraldries, and potential codes, all of the unique rarity.


The poisonous nightmares of the goddess Altea continue to seep through Lagendia, reaching a point that malicious copies of the powerful nests that scatter the land manifest itself into the world. In order to silence the beasts that have been created by Altea's dreams, a Priestess of Darkness by the name of Sarassa steps forward to call arms among the adventurers of Lagendia, whose strength has been proven in many encounters with these beasts. Although many have succeeded in felling the monsters they would face inside the Dragon Fellowship, Sarassa warns that while they may look the same to the unsuspecting eye, the might of the creatures inside is going to be a far from familiar experience...



  • Unique Enhancement Heraldries (Attack, Origin, Increasing, Resistance)
  • Unique Special Skill Heraldries (Cerberus Heraldry Dark Lightning, Manticore Heraldry Thorn, Sea Dragon Heraldry Frost Nova, and Green Dragon's Heraldry Poison Breath)
  • Unique High Grade Potential Codes (Agate, Crystal, Diamond)

Changelog Edit

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