The term drop is used for anything that "drops" from mobs or the environment (particularly chests). The term is interchangeable with the term "loot", although the term used for picking up drops and loot is called looting.

Types of dropsEdit

Quest dropsEdit

When in the middle of a quest, quest drops may be acquired from mobs or picked up when interacting with items like crates, barrels, levers or switches. These drops can only be acquired when performing a specific quest, and is always excluded from looting rules.

Food dropsEdit

In a dungeon run, players may pick up food items that may give beneficial or harming effects when looted. Among these drops are Drumstick (+30% Max HP), Blue Apple (+30% Max HP and Max MP), Red Mushroom (+50% to Stun stat) and Expired Milk (inflicts Faint status for 15 seconds). These drops are automatically consumed by the looter, so additional care is required before picking up such items.

Mob-specific DropsEdit

These kind of drops can only be found in a specific mob or mobs of the same species or race. For example, only Goblins drop Ragged Loincloths. On the other hand, some lesser mobs can also drop items that can only be found in Minibosses, like how minotaurs may drop Enchanted Memory Photo (Right) which can be looted only from Banruha.

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