Dummy Ghost
Dummy Ghost
While being attacked by enemy, enter the same direction key twice consecutively or enter it with Shift key at the same time to dodge to that direction and leave an explosive talisman behind.
The talisman attract enemies' attention for a certain time before exploding.
Learned by
Class Kali
Type Passive
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 20 sec
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 10
Required Skill/s Turning Step
Learning Fee 5 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Dummy Ghost is a Kali skill available at Level 10. Using Shift+any Direction key or double-tapping the Direction key allows the user to evade to the corresponding direction and leave behind a human-shaped talisman. This talisman diverts the attention from the user to itself for a short while before exploding, dealing Dark-attribute damage.

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Req. Level Cooldown ATK
1 (M) 10 20 sec 127% 138%
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