Resources for new (and old) editors to create and edit articles.

Remember that this is a wikia originally meant for Dragon Nest SEA, and as such the articles should be written with SEA terminology and descriptions in mind. Localization variants go into the Template:Localization-Infobox.

Getting Started

When starting an article, use your own profile to work on the draft. This way other users won't touch your article which could cause conflict saving your progress, and potentially lose it all.

Just take this URL and replace "YourUserName" and "YourArticleName" with the actual names:

When you are done, rename the article to:

Another alternative is using the Template:Work-In-Progress. Just start anywhere you want and copy and paste the code into the top of your article:


This template is useful for working in long edits too.



Please be careful when writting down the Categories. There's no easy way to move articles from one category to another so having articles in the wrong category can mean several hours of work tidying everything up again. Wikia differentiates words between capital letters and lowercase so even a mistaken lowercase can accidentally create a new category.

Skill Categories


Settings for galleries is 200px, gallery position center, columns fit to page, spacing small, and Crop photos to make them all square. Previously it was 100px but it's too small, will eventually change old articles to 200px.


The table used in skill articles like Aerial Wild Shot and Arrow Storm is the one that must be used in skill pages. The previous table used is clunky and a lot of old articles need to have it replaced.



Fanart is strictly prohibited. In Category:Images you can find more pictures you can use to illustrate your articles, if needed.


Examples of what a "good article" should look like

All old and newly created pages should follow the same arrangement. Ignore the old skill infobox, it's broken. If you see a page still using it, swap it for the newer one.