Elemental Aura
Elemental Aura
Increases own Light attribute attack power. The effect will disappear when you use another aura or use the skill again.
Learned by
Class Paladin
Type Instant
Cooldown 0 sec
Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Elemental Aura: Increases Light Attack by 20%.
Character Level 30
Skill Points 35 SP used on Cleric skills
Learning Fee 10 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
Elemental Aura00:05

Elemental Aura

Elemental Aura is a Paladin skill available at Level 30. When activated, it increases the user's Light Attack by 20% (17% in PvP) as long as the skill is active. It consumes 0.2% (0.42% in PvP) of the user's maximum MP per second when active. Using the skill deactivates Conviction Aura if it is active; using Elemental Aura again turns off the skill itself.

In previous updates, the skill increased Fire Attack, Fire Resist, Ice Attack and Ice Resist of nearby party members within a 10m radius.


In Other LocalizationsEdit

엘리멘탈 오라
Errimental Ora

Elemental Aura, Korean

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