List of Elemental Lord SkillsEdit

Icon Name Min. Level Requirements
Fireball 15 Flame Burst Level 5
Flame Spark
Flame Spark 15 N/A
Frost Wind
Frost Wind 15 N/A
Icy Shards
Icy Shards 15 Glacial Spike Level 5
Inferno 17 Fireball Level 1
Freezing Field
Freezing Field 17 Icy Shards Level 1
Fire Wall
Fire Wall 23 Inferno Level 3
Phoenix Storm 19 N/A
Glacial Wave
Glacial Wave 19 N/A
Frozen Spikes
Frozen Spikes 23 Freezing Field Level 3
Fire Shield
Fire Shield 26 Fire Wall Level 2
Ignite 32 Phoenix Storm Level 4
Shatter 32 Glacial Wave Level 4
Ice Shield
Ice Shield 26 Frozen Spikes Level 2
Flame Rod
Flame Road 32 Fire Shield Level 2
Mana Surge
Mana Surge 35 Mind Conquer Level 1
Chilling Mist
Chilling Mist 32 Ice Shield Level 2
Fiery Vortex
Fiery Vortex 40 Flame Road Level 3
Blizzard Storm
Blizzard Storm 40 Chilling Mist Level 3

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