Gender Female
Race Dark elf
Status Deceased
Introduced in Dragon Nest - Sudden Attack's Sed Volume 2 Chapter 5: The Masked Man
Additional Information
Elena Lina

Elena's disguise

Elena is referenced in the first volume by the Red Harpy Mistress after she is defeated by Sed, Okiron and Yuuri. She is finally introduced in the second volume, disguised a traveling human merchant called Lena who follows the trio for a brief moment aboard the Nautilus. To everyone's surprise, Manticore Keruru starts attacking the Nautilus, which should be impossible as it never comes out of the temple that it's guarding. Benetta, who is able to see through Elena's disguise and realizes she is the one controlling Manticore Keruru attacks Lena, which causes the manticore to stop attacking the ship. Elena reveals herself and confirms Benetta's suspicious of her being behind the monsters' attack in Calderock Village and the kidnapping of Rose, then reawakens the manticore to proceed with her attack. Benetta is inmuted by Elena and sends a powerful Lightning Bolt attack towards their direction, killing both Elena and the manticore instantly. Her charred corpse along with the manticore's fall to the sea and are never seen again.

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