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The Engineer is the primary specialization class of the Academic, the other being the Alchemist. Destruction is her middle name. The Engineer uses her mastery of machinery to overwhelm her enemies with mechanical constructs and raw explosive power. Summoning her Mecha Ducks and Mecha Duck-operated Towers to deal independent attacks, the Engineer has the might of a mini armed forces coalition that will sweep the battlefield clean. Rest in pieces!


The Engineer represents one of two knowledges that represent the future of technology and magic. She has shown that as an Academic, she is capable of summoning her companions from nowhere, and her weapons are never seen anywhere in the present time. The Engineer is more oriented in causing chaos in the battlefield through her arsenal of status-inflicting skills that complement with her ranged attacks. She can also summon an array of mechanical allies in battle, including her trusty mechanical companion Alfredo, various Mecha Ducks that are equipped with many armaments themselves, and Mecha Duck-operated Towers that serve as secondary attackers.

The Engineer's access to her mechanical companions in battle makes her an army of one, capable of clearing dungeons with ease even when alone, and her summoning skills puts her at par with the Sorceress among the top choices when it comes to DPS in Nests.


  • Cannon tree - uses the cannon to shoot out different kind of ammo
  • Mecha-Duck tree - expand the Mecha-duck combat capabilities
  • Mecha tower tree - summon different kinds of offensive towers


Engineers can only use the Cannon as their main weapon and the Threaded Loop as their sub weapon.

Skill TreeEdit

Ping Pong Bomb Cannon Blaster Rocket Jump Mecha Duck
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Ammo Recharge Alfredo Stomp Gravity Grenade Mecha Shock
ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowDown
Chemical Grenade Alfredo Berseker Gatling Gun Tower Mecha Siren
ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowDown
Mine Thrower Transitional Damage Cannon Tower Mecha Bomber
ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowDown ArrowDown
Biochemical Missile Alfredo Hurricane Ice Pump Tower Mechanic Mode
ArrowDown DownLeft DownRight ArrowDown
Demolition Flash Grenade Sky Line


At Level 44, Engineers can begin the 2nd job specialization quest. For job specialization quest, please refer to here.

43px-Gear Master Icon


Gearmasters are more oriented in using skills from the Mecha Duck and Mecha Duck Tower tree, using these along to manage multiple enemies at once.

39px-Shooting Star Icon

Shooting StarEdit

Shooting Stars specializes in using bombs and long range attacks. She summons the robot butler, Alfredo to be with her in times of battle. Wherever the Shooting Star go, destruction awaits you.

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