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The Engineer is the primary specialization class of the Academic, the other being the Alchemist. Compared to the Alchemist, who focuses on magic spells and minor support, the Engineer is more oriented in causing chaos in the battlefield through her arsenal of status-inflicting skills that complement with her ranged attacks. She can also summon an array of mechanical allies in battle, including her trusty mechanical companion Alfredo, various Mecha Ducks that are equipped with many armaments themselves, and Mecha Duck-operated Towers that serve as secondary attackers.

The Engineer's access to her mechanical companions in battle makes her an army of one, capable of clearing dungeons with ease even when alone, and her summoning skills puts her at par with the Sorceress among the top choices when it comes to DPS in Nests.

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The Engineer represents one of two knowledges that represent the future of technology and magic. She has shown that as an Academic, she is capable of summoning her companions from nowhere, and her weapons are never seen anywhere in the present time.


For a complete list of the skills available for this class, see Engineer Skills.

Secondary SpecializationEdit

At Level 45, Engineers can perform the Secondary Specialization Quest. Upon completion, they can choose between two classes: the Shooting Star, which is more oriented in self-buff skills and Alfredo skills, or the Gearmaster, who specializes in using Mecha Ducks and Towers.

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