Erratic Power
Erratic Power
Maximizes battle abilities by pushing oneself to the limit. While the effect is maintained, [Fatigue] will be accumulated. When [Fatigue] reaches its maximum limit, the character will become [Lethargic].
Learned by
Class Piercer
Type Instant skill
Cooldown None
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Erratic Power: Increases user's Final Damage, Movement Speed and Action Speed while the skill is active.
Debuffs (If Fatigue counters are 10) Lethargic: Decreases Movement Speed and, in PvE, depletes a small percentage of Maximum HP every 2 sec.
Character Level 15
Skill Points 10 SP to learn
20 SP used on Lancea skills
Weapon Used Spear
Gameplay Video
Erratic Power00:07

Erratic Power

Erratic Power is a Piercer skill available at Level 15. It is considered to be the core skill of a Piercer, acting as the first of three skills that further boost the damage capabilities of a Piercer.

When Erratic Power is used, for every 2 seconds, the user generates a counter called Fatigue (not to be confused with the Fatigue (FTG) system used in controlling access to gameplay content), up to a maximum of 10.

While there are existing Fatigue counters, the Erratic Power skill increases the user's Movement Speed and Action speed by 17% (10% in PvP) and Final Damage by 65% (12% in PvP). However, if the Fatigue counters reach 10, the user receives the Lethargic debuff, where the user's Movement Speed is decreased by 50% (30% in PvP) and 2% (0% in PvP) of the user's Maximum HP is lost every 2 seconds.

The skill can be toggled on and off with ease as it has no mana cost and no cooldown. When turned off, the user loses one Fatigue counter every second.

Notes Edit

  • Fatigue counters are unaffected by other skills. The Erratic Power buff, however, can be wiped by nest mechanics.
  • The skill can be maintained for about 18-20 seconds before needing to turn it off. This constrains the maximum burst window of Piercers to that duration.
  • In high-level scenarios like nests, Lanceas must manage Fatigue counters in order to be fully effective in combat. Becoming Lethargic amid nest mechanics is often a death sentence!
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