Events in general are activities organised for players to participate in. Events are not constrained by the environment of the game itself, and can also pertain to activities both in-game and outside. Although there are events that are organised by other players, events are often used in activities hosted by the game provider.

Events often have similar mechanics as quests, wherein players undergo particular tasks like hunting monsters and achieving particular feats, or it can be as simple as logging in for a particular amount of time into the game. Regardless of how an event works, these allow the player to break one's routine of conquering dungeons and building up one's riches.

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Seasonal Events Edit

Event Mechanics Edit

  • Daily Attendance
    • Players can log-in and collect their daily gift from their special storage. A new daily gift is awarded at 12:00AM the following day, according to the attendance event schedule. The current day's gift must be collected (except for the origin given on the first day) to advance to the next day's gift.
  • Time Event
    • Players can stay logged-in and collect certain tokens, coins or coupons from the mailbox at specific time intervals. These tokens, coins or coupons can then be exchanged for event items or be used in other events.
  • Bingo Event
    • Players can fill up a 3 by 3 card with numbers within a stipulated range. Several numbers will be announced at specific time intervals. If the announced numbers coincide with the card numbers, the card numbers will be circled. Completing a row, column or diagonal with circled numbers will reward the player with gifts listed along that row, column or diagonal.
  • Artbook Event
    • Players can collect a specific token from the time event and use the tokens to fill up the 'tiers'. After completing a tier, a reward will be sent to the mailbox and part of the artbook will be completed.

Ongoing EventsEdit

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