Experience, shortened as EXP or XP, is the numerical representation of a character's progress in Dragon Nest. Experience is needed to advance to the next character level, and the amount of experience needed to advance to the next level increases as the character's level increases.

Types of ExperienceEdit

There are three kinds of experience: the experience known by many that governs one's progress in PvE combat, the experience acquired when performing Secondary Skills, and experience received when participating in battles in the Colosseum. These three kinds of experience do not affect each other, although the PvE experience is given the greatest priority as it gives the greatest benefits in many aspects of the game.

  • PvE Experience - Experience in PvE is acquired by killing mobs, accomplishing quests and exploring Nests. When a character reaches a number of experience points, that character gains a level, which adds stats according to a class' natural stat growth and may unlock new skills.
  • Secondary Skill EXP - Whenever a character performs one of three Secondary Skills (Fishing, Farming, or Cooking), that character receives experience for the skill used. Gaining levels on one's desired Secondary Skill will allow the character to catch better fish, farm more productive crops, and prepare more useful dishes.
  • Colosseum EXP - In PVP, characters gain experience by participating in Colosseum events. Gaining experience will allow that character's Colosseum Rank to raise, up to a maximum of Imperator, which allows the usage of the very rare item Rock of Blessing for a week.

EXP ModifiersEdit

Those who desire to get more experience have many ways to gain EXP modifiers. Among these are

  • Using the Master-Apprentice System
  • Equipping the Pledged Costume Set

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