Fire Shield
Fire Shield
Immediately summons a flaming shield that absorbs damages and increases super armor defense power. Nearby enemies will get burns.
Learned by
Class Elemental Lord
Type Buff
Attribute Fire
Cooldown 30 sec
Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Fire Shield: Increases super armor defense while active.
Debuffs Burn: Sets nearby enemies in fire, dealing Fire-attribute damage over time.
Character Level 26
Skill Points 10 SP to learn

35 SP used on Sorceress skills

Required Skill/s Fire Wall
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Fire Shield is an Elemental Lord skill available at Level 26. When activated, it creates a shield made out of flames that increases the user's super armor defense by 10000% (50% in PvP) and reduces incoming physical and magical damage received by 30% (20% in PvP).

The shield lasts for 20 seconds, and increases the user's MP consumption by 10000% (50% in PvP).

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