Fire Wall EX
Fire Wall EX
During Fire Wall, enter Normal Attack Button to throw flames to the front to give additional damage. Also, Fire Wall causes burns.
Learned by
Class Saleana
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Fire
Mana Cost 5000 MP (PVE)
5714 MP (PvP)
Maximum Level 1
Debuffs Burn: Deals Fire-attribute damage over time.
Character Level 60
Skill Points 65 SP used on Elemental Lord skills
Required Skill/s Frozen Spikes
Learning Fee 0 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
Fire Wall EX00:13

Fire Wall EX

Fire Wall EX is a Saleana skill available at Level 60. It enhances Fire Wall, allowing an additional attack to be made by using the Normal Attack button during the skill's duration, dealing 30-60% of the skill's damage as bonus damage to enemies.

In PvE, the skill can also give the Burn debuff to enemies hit, dealing 5% of the user's attack as Fire-attribute damage over five ticks.

Saleana Skills
Burning Hand Burning Hand
Awakened Passive A (AP) Ignite Awakened Passive B (AP) Fire Wall
Summon Meteor Summon Meteor Flame Burst Flame Burst
Awakened Passive E (AP) Fever Mastery Awakened Passive C (AP) Fire Mastery
Awakening Skills
Rolling Lava Rolling Lava Fireball EX Fireball EX
Inferno EX Inferno EX
Fire Wall EX Fire Wall EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Flame Road EX Flame Road EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Rolling Lava EX Rolling Lava EX

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