First Aid
First Aid
When hit by an enemy, holy power is activated at a certain chance to recover own HP.
ATK: 240% (PvP: 96%)
Learned by
Class Priest
Type Passive
Cooldown 15 sec (PvE)
30 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 36
Skill Points 10 SP to learn
40 SP used on Cleric skills
Weapon Used Wand
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

First Aid is a Priest skill available at Level 36. It passively adds a chance of being healed for hit points equivalent to 240% attack (96% in PvP) if damage is taken from an enemy attack. A 15-second cooldown (30 seconds in PvP) is implemented after the skill successfully activates.

An indicator of First Aid activating is a faint halo flashing from the user's head.

Changelog Edit

  • Patch Version 184: Maximum level lowered from 4 to 1; learning the skill now requires 10 SP from up to 4 (1 SP to learn, 1 SP to increase level); heal amount increased from up to 200% attack at Level 4 to 240% attack at Level 1.
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