There are a total of four different zones. Each zone produces Magic-type, Rare-type and Epic-type. Each zone produces 4 different Magic-type fishes, while Zone 1 and 2, 3 and 4, produces the same Rare-type fishes respectively, and all 4 Zones produces the same Epic-type fishes.

Icon Zone Name Type
Zone 1 Stripped Crucian Magic
Zone 1 Calderock Trout


Zone 1 Rock Stone Clear Fish Magic
Zone 1 Foothills Crucian Magic
Zone 1 Large Pea Salmon Magic
Zone 1/2 Small Herring Rare
Zone 1/2 Red Trout Rare
Zone 1/2 Black Lined Salmon Rare
Zone 1/2 Calderock Fish Rare
Zone 2 Maroon's Coil Magic
Zone 2 Valley Grouper Magic
Zone 2 Blue Scale Bass Magic
Zone 2 Mountain Stream Fish Magic
Zone 2 Net Herring Magic
Zone 3 Lake Smelt Magic
Zone 3 Rock White Bait Magic
Zone 3 Saw Tooth Croaker Magic
Zone 3 Red Bass Magic
Zone 3 Rock Scale Fish Magic
Zone 3/4 Winter Carp Rare
Zone 3/4 Back Rake Perch Rare
Zone 3/4 Red Well Carp Rare
Zone 3/4 Golden Carp Rare
Zone 3/4 Rock Scale Fish Rare
Zone 4 Red Swordtail Carp Magic
Zone 4 Calderock Gold Fish Magic
Zone 4 Yellowtail Fish Sweet Fish Magic
Zone 4 Spotted Carp Magic
Zone 4 Angler Snake Head Magic
All Glass Smelt Epic
All Electronic Eel Epic
All Golden Snakehead Epic

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