Evades enemies' attacks by climbing on top of the weapon. Enter [Normal Attack Button] to descend from the weapon and hit the ground to launch enemies into the air. Enter [Special Attack Button] to jump and evade. Can be activated with [Jump Button] during Tumble.
Learned by
Class Piercer
Type Active skill
Cooldown 5 sec (PvE)
20 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 7
Character Level 36
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
40 SP used on Lancea skills
Required Skill/s Wall Maker
Weapon Used Spear
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Flag is a Piercer skill available at Level 36. It is both a mobility skill and a minor damage skill.

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Physical ATK
1 36 271% 130%
2 41 277% 131%
3 46 283% 132%
4 51 289% 133%
5 56 295% 135%
6 61 349% 145%
7 (M) 66 355% 146%

Additional Info Edit

  • Creates 1[Fatigue]when used.
  • Invincible for 0.3 second

In Other LocalizationsEdit


Flag, Korea

Flag Salute

North America

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