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The Force User is the primary specialization class of the Sorceress, the other being the Elemental Lord. Force Users focuses on Dark and Neutral-element magic to debilitate and destroy her foes. Unlike Elemental Lords who are more oriented in pure damage, Force User has buffs and debuffs that are highly coveted in group-based battles.


Force Users go far beyond merely using the elements to inflict status ailments. They harness the very force of creation itself such as gravity and black holes to rip creatures apart, crush them mercilessly, or just whip them around to give their friends the chance to slice and dice them. The mighty Force User can change the tide of battle in seconds.

Given the talent of controlling the very creation of things, Force Users also studies the arc of time. Force Users can manipulate time and space around her, giving allies great opportunity to use strong spells with short to no cooldown, and also threaten enemies by stopping the time in the chosen area.

If you want to have a class with great buff and debuff potentials, gifted with dark magical spells such as; gravity and black holes, which imporves the epicness of being a Force User, this is the class for you.


  • Dark Magic tree - Arcane magic with dark elemental properties
  • Force Magic tree - Arcane magic with light elemental properties


Force Users can choose the Staff as their main weapon and either the Spell Book, Crystal Ball or the Voodoo Doll as their sub weapon.

Skill TreeEdit

Sorceress Skill Tree SP Required
Gravity Blast Teleport Linear Ray 20 SP
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Triple Orbs Gravity Sphere Void Blast Force Shield 25 SP
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Black Hole Time Stop Gravity Trap Nine Tail Laser 30 SP
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Summon Comet Time Dogde Force Mirror 35 SP
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Gravity Ascension Beyond Time Mana Surge Spectrum Shower 40 SP
ArrowDown ArrowDown
Meteor Storm Eraser 45 SP




At Level 44, Force Users can begin the 2nd job specialization quest. For job specialization quest, please refer to here.



The Majesty can use her talent to read enemy’s buffs and steal one to herself with the flick of her wrist. Forget running away too, because she’s got an explosive Gravity Ball to do her long range bidding. An enemy that so much as lays eyes on the Majesty might as well accept its fate.



The Smasher is a specialist in neutral-element, her powers manifesting as dazzling displays of light that decimate her foes. In exchange for losing the maximum potential of Dark magic in battle, Smashers become purely focused in DPS, gaining the advantage of independence from element restrictions due to the nature of her core spells.


In other localizationsEdit


North American version


European version

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