Friendship is a system that allows to establish a close relationship with certain NPCs. These NPCs will periodically send gifts to the Player through mail.

To befriend an NPC, certain conditions should be met. The list of NPCs available as well as hints of their requirements can be seen at the Goodwill Album.

Goodwill AlbumEdit

Goodwill Album
The Goodwill Album lists down the NPCs which can be befriended, the Alliance points the Player owns on each Guild and the Bromides received.

After befriending the desired NPC, their picture will turn to color; it will display a short biography about them, their personal information, and desired gifts. A blue colored bar with a heart will appear acting as a diagram to show how much Fondness the NPC has on the Player.

NPCs with a deep Fondness will start to show affection when the Player walks close by, with a special speech-bubble appearing over them, and bright hearts flying around them. The amount of hearts as well as the dialogue depends on the Fondness percentage.


Bromides are exclusive photographs of particular NPCs which are given as gifts after Friendship-related quests are completed or achieving 90% Fondness with an NPC. Bromides do not hold any usefulness in battle or in the development of a character, but are merely a collective item.

  • Adelynn
  • Berlin
  • Cassius
  • Cassius
  • Irine
  • Irine
  • Ithilien
  • Joey
  • Kayleen
  • Kelly
  • Lena
  • Lily
  • Lindsay
  • Loffy
  • Lucita
  • May
  • Mio
  • Pero
  • Stella
  • Stuart
  • Tamara
  • Tara
  • Velskud


Some NPCs are members of one out of the three existing Alliances, and gifting them will make Players earn points for their respective Alliances. These points can be exchanged for rewards at Saint Haven with Pero.

Cassius Palace GuildEdit

Cassius Castle Guild Flag
The groups of officials or military personnel who belong to the Royal Court of Cassius have distinct mutual interests. Although they share the same goal, that is to protect the Royal Family of Cassius, the ways in which they contribute are different, depending on their status and vocation. Despite these differences, their loyalty to the Royal Family is firm and unwavering.


Free Adventurer's GuildEdit

Free Adventurer's Guild Flag
The Adventurer's Guild was formed to support and protect the welfare of all adventurers throughout the continent of Lagendia. Although close bonds with their camaraderie were formed through arduous journeys and adventures, these groups were initially created for the sake of convenience and benefits. Adventurers from the Adventurer's Guild can travel freely across cities and villages, without any interference or restriction from the Royal Palace and its rulers. In addition, it also serves as a platform for those who wish to hire adventurers, who in turn are seeking jobs, to aid in their requests.


Golden Goose GuildEdit

Golden Goose Guild Flag
The Merchant's Guild of the continent of Lagendia was formed to establish ties with other business associations in order to maximize their profits. No matter where people travel to, all merchants who belong to this Guild will be able to provide a certain standard of service. Through this, it aims to maintain a competitive edge among it's members.



No Alliance Flag
Those who have no alliance come from different origins, with little things in common, but they are just as approachable as those who have a united name behind them.



  • Velskud is the only character that cannot be gifted or talked to, making it impossible to raise affinity with him and his Bromide unobtainable with the regular method.
    • His Bromide is acquired instead upon completion of the quest Escape.
  • The character that is supposedly Kelly on her very own Bromide resembles more like May. This may have been an oversight on the developer's or art's team.
  • Before, a red colored bar used to appear under the Fondness bar to show Aversion, which gained a percentage every time the Player interacted with an NPC that is disliked by the respective owner of that Aversion bar. Filling the Aversion bar caused the NPC to reset their Fondness on the Player. On July 3 2012, client v64, Aversion was removed from the system.


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