Frozen Burst
Frozen Burst
When activated, attack power of Glacial Spike, Glacial Wave, and Ice Sphere will be enhanced, and will cause frostbite instead of freeze. While it is activated, it breaks the ice of nearby enemies in Frozen/Frostbite state to deal damage. Targets will be slowed down for 7 seconds. Own Fire Attribute attack power will be reduced by 30%.
Learned by
Class Elemental Lord
Type Debuff
Mana Cost  ?? MP
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Frozen Burst: Increases Ice Attack by 30%.
Debuffs Frozen Burst: Decreases Fire Attack by 30%.
Character Level 18
Skill Points 25 SP used on Sorceress skills
Required Skill/s None
Learning Fee 0 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Frozen Burst was an Elemental Lord skill available at Level 18. When activated, the user's Ice Attack is boosted by 30% in exchange for a decrease of Fire Attack for the same amount.

Notes Edit

  • When used, all nearby Frozen and Frostbitten enemies would lose their respective debuffs as if they were Shattered.
  • All skills that would give the Freeze debuff will instead give the Frostbite effect while Frozen Burst is active.
  • The skill cannot be used while either Fire Shield or Ice Shield is active.
  • Activating Frozen Burst aligns the Elemental Lord into Ice-attribute offense. Since neither of the elemental shields can be used while this skill is active, it may pose a risk for the user. Take note also that ice stacking is not possible unless Frozen Burst is turned off.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Ice Queen

North America

Changelog Edit

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