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Npc left gaharam
Gender Female
Race Ancient
Age Unknown
Occupation Prophet
Relatives Nereid (mother)
Sage Arno (father)
Unnamed husband
Unnamed daughter
Status Deceased
Voiced by Tomo Muranaka (Japanese)
Additional Information

Gaharam was an inhabitant of the Hermit's Village and was the Kali's mentor in shamanism, who perished during Lambert's attack on the village. She persisted in the living world for some time as a spirit.


As the daughter of Sage Arno, Gaharam was a descendant of the Ancients herself, gifted with the ability to foresee the future. Knowing much about the fate of the entire village, she trained the Kali to prepare her for that fateful day, teaching her how to wield chakrams and fans and how to control spirits to aid her in combat. Ultimately, the day that she foresaw arrived, and she succumbed herself to this fate, being killed by Lambert along with every single one in the village.

The Kali eventually used her abilities to call back Gaharam from the dead, and the mentor used this opportunity to guide her student into her duty as the one who will serve the Prophet from the shadows.

Gaharam soon bid farewell to the Kali at the Ancient Temple Excavation Site, a place she comments as something important to her. She would still manifest in the Kali's mind when the Kali would use a Hermit's Totem to meditate, and also during her first specialization quest, watching over her as she completes the challenges prepared for her.

Gaharam reappeared in Anu Arendel again during a series of time leaps to the past.


  • Unlike Kali, Gaharam only wields one weapon at time.
  • Gaharam can be battled as one of the opponents in Hero's Battlefield.


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