Garden of Time and Space
Loading sh nestworld01
Location Accessible through Saint Haven
Race/s Humans
Dimensional Rabbits
Instance Info
Instance Type Field map
Recommended Levels N/A
Party Size Limit 4 (Ordinary Party)

8 (Raid Party)

The Garden of Time and Space is a zone wherein players can conveniently access Nests and raid nests without leaving Saint Haven. The garden also connects to Hero's Battlefield and Dark Banquet, and it was once used for the Chaos Opening and Dragon Fellowship game modes. It is currently guarded by Priestess of Darkness Madeleine.

It is named after how the area seems to warp time and space, allowing adventurers to access areas that are far apart from each other with little effort. In the main hall, repair tools are available to all players and the place's guardian Madeleine can be spoken to if needed.




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