General Douglas
Npc left douglas
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 82
Occupation General of the Saint Haven Royal Army
Relatives Lena (adopted daughter)
Current Location Saint Haven Castle
Status Alive
Voiced by Daisuke Endou (Japanese)
Additional Information
Star Sign Capricorn
Blood Type O
Height 184 cm
Weight 82 kg
Likes Family
Dislikes Dragon Followers
Affiliation Cassius Castle

General Douglas is fiercely loyal to the Royal family and is willing to lay his life to protect them if the situation calls for it. He is the commander of the Saint Haven Royal Army and the military adviser of King Cassius III.


General Douglas has been active in the battle against the forces of the Dark Overlord Army. During the arrival of the Player in Saint Haven, General Douglas accompanies his troops in a campaign in Dark Mines. Although Douglas is initially doubtful of the Player's strength, the Player slowly regains his trust by slowly being friends with his beloved daughter Lena. Eventually, General Douglas would cooperate with the Player in performing missions that would help the troops in the battle.

Douglas reveals that he does not trust Duke Stuart that much due to the latter's attempts to weaken his forces' strength. He also reveals that he might know about Lena's alter ego as White Rose, and is also trying to cover her identity from being exposed by Duke Stuart.


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