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Npc left geraint
Gender Genderless (physically male)
Race Dragon
Relatives Argenta (Sibling)
Status Deceased
Voiced by Raphael Barker (English SEA)
John Kubin (English NA)
Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)
Additional Information
Affiliation The Six Heroes (formerly)

Gender Genderless (physically male)
Race Dragon
Relatives Argenta (Sibling)
Current Location Anu Arendel
Status Alive
Voiced by Raphael Barker (English SEA)
John Kubin (English NA)
Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)
Additional Information

Geraint, also known as the Gold Dragon, was the leader of the Six Heroes. He is one of the three pieces that the Ancient Dragon broke into, with Argenta and Daisy being the other two.

Joining Barnac, Karacule, Terramai, Nerwin, his sibling Argenta and his best friend Velskud from the Saint Haven Royal Army, he formed the group will later be refereed as "The Six Heroes" in the decades to come with the purpose of defeating the dragon Descendants of the Chaos Dragon that tormented Lagendia despite Argenta's dissaproval, who thought that she and Geraint were more than enough to complete the mission.

Geraint revealed himself as the Gold Dragon during the Black Dragon Raid, causing the heroes to lose faith on him. Velskud, being the most affected by Geraint's betrayal attacks him cutting Geraint's eye in the process. Both Geraint and Argenta found themselves forced to hide from civilization for 50 years. He spent those years hunting the remaining Dragons and seeking Velskud across the continent.

Geraint and Argenta later re-appeared after the rumors of a "Black Knight" started to surface, and had to protect the Prophet Rose from him. The Black Knight turned out to be Velskud and being completely unaware of everything he has gone through or his mission, Geraint believes Velskud is just an enemy consumed by greed and hate and sees him now as a treat to the world.

After being left completely blind and badly injured by Velskud in their last battle, Bishop Ignacio easily set a trap to have him killed by Serpentra. The plan is successful and Geraint dies during the battle while trying to protect the Player, reverting to Jewel form. For unknown reasons Geraint's sword, which is under Velskud's care, became a vessel for his memories.

Using the Jewel, Argenta spawns a new Dragon at Anu Arendel also known as Geraint. However, this is a completely different person who possesses nothing of the previous Geraint except physical appearance. Being educated by Argenta, he is ruthless with his enemies and has a great dislike for humans and the previous Geraint, who believes to have been stupid, useless and foolish. This Geraint is seeking for Velskud, as he states there is something he wants to retrieve.


Before the Black Dragon RaidEdit

Still an unnamed wandering swordsman at that time, he was spotted by a six-year-old girl named Lisa when he was wandering somewhere within Lonely Forest (present Ghost Town of Isolated Forest). She approached Geraint and asked for his name, to which Geraint is unable to respond to. After being mocked by the little girl, Lisa mentioned that her dog recently died, and that he was big and had blonde hair like him so the name of the dog, Geraint, will suit him well.

Geraint spent an unknown amount of time living along Lisa, who often feeds him. One day, Lisa can only bring him a piece of hard bread and apologizes because she is unable to get more. Geraint apologizes as well, confusing Lisa, who claims that the ones to blame are the Royal Aristocrats who took all the food from them. Angered, Geraint decides to fight against them but Lisa says that they are too strong, then Geraint gifts Lisa a wooden figure he crafted himself and thanks her for everything she has done.

At some point, Geraint attacked a Tax Collector and he became a wanted criminal, forcing him to run away.

The First Meeting with VelskudEdit

Geraint was found by Velskud at some kind of battleground while he was fighting against several soldiers. He turned around to find Velskud staring at him, who had apparently been watching the fight for an unknown period of time. Velskud states that the must be the "golden haired swordsman" who was looking for an opponent, flatters him for his skills and asked for a duel. Geraint doesn't say anything, but shifts his stance giving Velskud the signal to move forward and attack. They start battling, ignoring the large amount of unconscious soldiers around them and only halt their duel until a nearby statue is accidentally sliced in half. Geraint then says that he was waiting for him, the "knight who serves under the king" as he had a message for him. He begins talking about the recent influx of monsters, explaining that the reason for this is the recent awakening of the Black Dragon, and that everyone needs to unite to defeat it. Velskud believes in Geraint and promises he will arrange a meeting with the king, surprising the latter. Geraint questions how could Velskud believe him so easily, but he turns saying that Geraint's sword doesn't lie, and walks away leaving a confused Geraint staring behind.

The individuals who will be latter known as "The Six Heroes" faced each other for the very first time in a hall of Saint Haven Royal Castle for the meeting that had been arranged by Velskud. Geraint begins his explanation, but unfortunately the adventurers are more concerned about the questionable partner choices he brought with. Geraint states that from now on everyone will work together and should learn to understand each other, and Velskud follows saying that he is glad everyone gathered to listen what the king has to say.

Now alone, a very angered Argenta approaches him and calls him out for wanting to team up with humans and elves, saying that they both are enough to defeat the Dragon. He insist that without the help of everyone it will be impossible, but Argenta firmly believes that they are only going to be a burden. Geraint states that he is only trying to do his best and not do something he will regret, but Argenta storms away saying that he will regret it forever.

Geraint of the Six HeroesEdit

The troops lead by Geraint patrolled several areas around the continent, including places like Anu Arendel. According to Liana, while on this region, the group faced a lot of loses due to contamination with the Black Dragon's blood that was infecting monsters as well. Thanks to the terrain's natural properties they were slowly recovering, but Nerwin noted a morale drop overall. Velskud confronts Geraint on his incompetence to lead the army saying that he should have foreseen the morale drop, causing the war to be extended. Geraint formulates a plan with the help of Karacule to disguise their troops and made the monster believe they hold the advantage, while Nerwin and Terramai try to find a cure as fast as possible and cover. Velskud notes the risk of Geraint's plans saying that if they are discovered they will be easily defeated, that they should use as little troops as they can to buy time, and coerces him to think carefully.

Finally all Heroes agree with Geraint's schemes and leave Velskud and him alone, except Liana who went unnoticed and overheard their following conversation. Geraint begins saying that Velskud is not acting like himself and that he still has something to say. Velskud starts talking about how Geraint values the lives of the troops too much and that as a leader he should prioritize victory and be more ruthless. Geraint is unable to give Velskud an answer, and the latter states that he is not suitable for a leading position. Velskud expresses being afraid of the enemy targeting Geraint once the war is over, and promises that he will help him, but he insists that this is his problem and will try to settle it alone. Velskud still insist that he will do everything in his power to help him as well as that lady in red. Geraint questions why would Velskud want to help him, at which he answer that he had never had such a good companion, and smiles bitterly.

The conversation instantly deviates as Velskud asks Geraint why did he sneaked on his tent, as a mess had been made with his books. Geraint affirms that it was him indeed but that he placed all the books back on his place, but Velskud reproaches him saying that his books and bookshelves weren't at all in their original positions. Geraint insists that he placed the book backs into the bookshelves and Velskud scolds him saying that he meant the original position of everything, pointing out his bad manners, but he tries to justify them saying that he had no time for that. Starting to get irritated, Velskud ask how he could not have time to read but Geraint says he has been learning useful things with Terramai. Now an angered Velskud expresses his discomfort about this fact, saying that Terramai needs to learn to behave, and Geraint wonders if maybe the Goddess likes it this way. He laughs saying that if the Clerics heard him he would get beat up, confusing Geraint. Velskud goes on saying that Geraint should learn the basic morals of a Cleric, and that to survive in this world he doesn't need sword fighting but knowledge. Geraint reassures he will borrow more books and keep learning.

Velskud and Geraint in a flashback at the Ruins of Lost Time
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Geraint was constantly victim of Karacule's affection, who was completely infatuated by him at that time and once brought him food prepared by her which was so bad Geraint commented it would be an amazing biological weapon. With this, Karacule accidentally invented the Hound's Nutritious Food. When Karacule lost her earrings near Sunken Cargo Vessel somehow Geraint and Velskud ended up being the ones tasked to go look for them, despite blaming Terramai for that. Geraint led the way, claiming that he knew where they were going but unfortunately for Velskud, they both got lost due to Geraint's lack of sense of direction. Velskud then leads and manages to find the way but they were ambushed by monsters. Geraint is ashamed of his bad sense of direction but Velskud tries to comfort him saying that he shouldn't sulk about it because everyone has strengths and weakness to deal with. Velskud proceeds to ask about how he learned swordsmanship skills at which Geraint answered that he just knew how to. Geraint is challenged by Velskud to a battle as soon as they get out of the place, but Geraint just teases him saying that he would never be able to win, angering Velskud.

The Black Dragon RaidEdit

The Black Dragon proved to be far too powerful for the heroes, and everyone was starting to lose hope. Suddenly Geraint starts walking forward to the Dragon's direction despite Velskud begging him to stop. Geraint turned around to say "Sorry, humans" and deployed his wings, he turned into the Gold Dragon and flew forward to face the Black Dragon. The revelation of Geraint being a Dragon himself caused shock and disgust among the adventurers, with Velskud being the most astonished one, dropping his weapon to the ground and falling on his knees. His comrades noticed the state he was and tried to make him relax, but he just stared silently at Geraint while he was fighting Karas. Geraint successfully killed the Black Dragon and retrieved it's Dragon Jewel.

As Geraint, now in his human form, was contemplating the newly acquired Jewel Velskud ran towards him and attacked, cutting off one of his eyes and took the Jewel that had fallen into the ground near him. Geraint tried to get him to give it back, but Velskud pointed his sword at him and their sights locked. As Velskud was screaming asking repeatedly Geraint why he had lied to him, the Jewel forced it's way into Velskud body and he fell on the ground twisting in pain while a despairing Geraint screamed and knelt besides him. Elena, who was nearby, mistook this for Velskud successfully stealing the Dragon Jewel and ordered her minions to bring Velskud to her. She fled the place carrying Velskud on her back. Soon after, Geraint was attacked by Barnac and Karacule who felt disgust toward him due to being a Dragon and believed that Geraint just betrayed them, but it's aided by Argenta and taken away.

Once arriving a safe place, Argenta scolds Geraint and remarks that everyone else is weak and with the two of them was more than enough. Geraint sides with the army and blames themselves for not being sincere about being Dragons from the beginning.

Velskud and Elena were never heard of for 50 years, and both Geraint and Argenta found themselves forced to hide for about the same time. Geraint spent those years seeking for Velskud across the continent, and sealing the remaining fragments of the Chaos Dragon.

This version of the story in unknown to the inhabitants of Lagendia, including the Player, until he/she reaches Lotus Marsh to hear Karacule's version or finishes the Beginning of a Legend quest line. The more romantic version of the story that was made popular among the people narrates that Velskud was fighting at Black Mountain and found himself overpowered, Geraint rushed to his aid and lost his eye protecting him. Velskud felt regret that his incompetence caused his best friend to be permanently damaged and destroyed his sword in the place. Pieces of Velskud's old sword can still be found at Black Mountain. Other stories also support the idea that both Velskud and Geraint died during the Black Dragon Raid, or that Velskud sacrificed himself.

Pursuing VelskudEdit

Geraint is first seen in Abandoned Welton Hollow confronting Velskud, and later both run away of the area. Later, Geraint and Argenta have an encounter at Dark Overlord Keep, in which Argenta scolds Geraint for not getting rid of Velskud back at Abandoned Welton Hollow. Geraint does most of his missions off-screen until he is found at Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army where he tries to penetrate the Dark Overlord Nest for the first time, failing. Argenta orders the Player to go find some materials for her to craft an Ancient's Celebrant Rune, which will facilitate breaking into Velskud's Nest.

Guardian Geraint (Chapter 5)Edit

Bishop Ignacio had set up a scheme to ensure Geraint's downfall. Reviving the ancient beast Serpentra, he managed to convince the player to have Geraint's assistance despite his injuries.  Geraint, driven by his desire to protect Saint Haven, left his sword behind and joined the player. When the two made their way to where the beast resided, the player was knocked down while Geraint engaged Serpentra in brief combat, but was beaten as well. He is then fatally wounded after being stabbed through the chest. The player frees him of Serpentra's peak, but its too late for the Golden Dragon, who tells the player that he/she is contaminated by the monster blood and must seek a cure. Reverting back to a jewel, the nest he made around Rose vanishes at the time of his death, allowing Ignacio to breach the castle basement and kidnap Rose.

Resurrection (Chapter 9)Edit

A younger Geraint is shown at the end of the chapter talking to Argenta, in an area near the Tree of Life. They are discussing the actions of the old Geraint, complaining how he forgot his duty and died to save a human. They are interrupted by a noisy swarm of birds and Geraint points out that he cannot feel the energy of the Black Dragon anymore, and wonders if he had died. Argenta tells him that he won't die that easy, and Geraint states that it should be that way as he still has something he wants to get back.

Geraint asks Argenta for how long she is going to stay, and she answers that until the next Elf Queen appears as the Tree of Life is weakening. Geraint expresses how irritating he finds the place they are.

Telezia (Chapter 10)Edit

Geraint is first seen besides Argenta at Anu Arendel, where Geraint asks Argenta if the player was the same person his older self had assisted before.

Later on, Geraint is seen at Golden Meadow, where he encounters a fleeing Ignacio and Rozalinde. He blasts both of them away, pinning Rozalinde to the ground, before glaring at a terrified Ignacio, then flies off in pursuit of the Red Dragon, stating that he couldn't care less about one pathetic human. He soon returns to Argenta's side, the trail having gone cold. When the player questions Argenta about witnessing Geraint's brutality, she revealed that this Geraint, while reborn through the power of the Dragon's Jewel, has no memory nor personality of his past life.

Afterwards, when Anu Arendel comes under attack, Geraint and Argenta head to Sea of Sand Dust to rescue an elf guard from certain death. They, with the player, then witness Yuvenciel attempting to kill Queen Narsilla to prevent other elves from suffering the same fate as her, before he is attacked from behind by Rozalinde. Yuvenciel then becomes one with the Tree of Life and vanishes.

Geraint and Argenta then discuss their next course of action with the player, as Rozalinde had regained her Prophet powers.


In Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black DragonEdit

Geraint appears in the upcoming movie being for the most part the same character as in the game. He and Argenta are said to have become travelers to help the poor, despite the latter distrust of humans. They are the key team against the Black Dragon.

Despite everything he has witnessed, Geraint still has high hopes for humanity and firmly believes in them. He helps people without expecting anything in return. His optimists personality and kindness is even said to be able to cool down the harsh Velskud.

Geraint and Velskud often fight side by side, and as result they are seen as "Battle Brothers".


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  • As a Dragon, Geraint is considered genderless. However his physical appearance in both canon and fandom causes to be constantly refereed to as male.
  • Kelly had a dog named after him.
  • His sword appears to be a very powerful and valuable artifact, as it seems to have several magical properties.
    • It cannot damage humans.
    • It can be used to extract Dragon Jewels.
    • It's currently the vessel of the memories of the original Geraint.
  • After the Dragon Raid, his popularity increased to the point that many people started to name their newborns after him.
  • Karacule, being infatuated by Geraint when they were working together, wrote and published a novel titled "Sorceress Prefer Blonds", about a blond swordsman and a sorceress who fall in love under the pseudonym Cute✰Kara.
  • Geraint was able to feel that the Academic's energy was more unstable than the energy of the other adventurers, foreseeing her not being human.
  • His Dragon form appears to be based on the Haetae, a legendary creature known in China as 'Xiezhi'. A symbol of justice whose sculptures were commonly used in Korean architecture as it was believed to be able to protect Seoul.
  • The golden winged heart shaped crest that appears across his outfit also appears split in half in the sleeves of Velskud's old clothing.

Velskud's QuotesEdit

In several of his dialogues, Geraint repeats quotes which he would simply mention that he remembers someone said them. It is revealed during the Academic storyline that the quotes are in fact from Velskud. Most of the quotes revolves around the concept of Hate.

  • "Humans suspect everything and don't believe easily until they have seen it with their own eyes. But they are always deceived and are influenced by emotions and delusions."
  • "Hatred is also a driving force for humans."
  • "Hatred could also have the power to keep humans alive."

Name OriginEdit

Geraint is a Welsh name that means "Old". It is also the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table from the Arthurian Legends.


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In other localisationsEdit



Korean for Geraint


Japanese for Geraint


Chinese for Geraint


North American name


  • Geraint is one of the characters that received a face make-over in the Japanese version of the game, along with Argenta, Velskud, Rose and Lily. His design was kept for the most part, only changing the eye color to red.


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