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Ghoul Mode is a Colosseum minigame which allows players to play as humans or ghouls in a fast-paced battle.


Ghoul Mode is a game which involves two teams — the human team and the ghoul team. The objective of the human team is to keep themselves from being eaten by the ghoul team until the end of the round. On the other hand, the ghoul team must eat all human players until the timer runs out.


All of the stats a player has is irrelevant in the game, as all human players will get the same amount of hit points and the same amount of damage. They will be given slingshots as weapons, and this will be the only usable weapon in the entire game, as they also end up with no skills to use. Meanwhile, ghouls are given a set of stats and skills based on the type of ghoul they end up as. To compensate for their lack of active skills, humans have the ability to pick up special items that can aid them in winning the game, from bombs and snowballs to bottles of holy water.

Changelog Edit

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