Gigantic Bomb
Gigantic Bomb
Jumps high into the air and deals a powerful shockwave upon slamming back onto the ground.
Learned by
Class Mercenary
Type Instant
Cooldown 120 sec (PvE)

225 sec (PvP)

Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 3
Character Level 40
Skill Points 45 SP used on Warrior skills
Required Skill/s Rolling Attack or Cyclone Axe
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn

1 SP to increase level

Gameplay Video
Gigantic Bomb

Gigantic Bomb

Gigantic Bomb is one of the ultimate skills for the Mercenary, located on the Destroyer side of the skill tree, and available at Level 40.

The skill is a two-hit attack that covers a large AoE. The first hit affects an area 360 degrees around the user interrupting and stunning enemies, and the second causes an explosion some meters in front of the user.

Skill Information

Level Req. Level ATK
1 40 2253% 357%
2 60 4405% 613%
3 80 8711% 1127%
4* 80 10453% 1352%

*Requires skill +1 heraldry

In Other Localizations

Calamity Crush

North America

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