Gold is the basic currency in Lagendia, and is the representation of money in Dragon Nest. Although gold is the widely used term, money in general is composed of a number of gold, silver and bronze coins acquired by a player.


Gold is the term used for the active currency of Lagendia. Adventurers acquire gold by picking up money and items from dead mobs and selling those items to NPCs, accomplishing quests, or establishing trade with other players through the Trading House, among others. On the other hand, gold can be used to buy items and pay for services like enhancement and the crafting of items and equipment.


Money is separated into three kinds:

  • Copper - the most basic monetary denomination. Abbreviated as c, but rarely used.
  • Silver - equivalent to 100 copper coins. Abbreviated as s.
  • Gold - equivalent to 100 silver coins or 10,000 copper coins. Abbreviated as g. For large values of gold, kg is used to denote 1,000 gold.

Gold LimitEdit

Inflation and DeflationEdit

As do most real-life and virtual economies, gold in Dragon Nest experiences drastic changes in value. Many factors are considered in inflation or deflation of items. For example, the release of a new class may contribute to the inflation of prices for Alteums or equipment related to that class. On the other hand, events which involve giving out items for free may cause the price of that item in the Trading House to plummet dramatically.

Inflation and deflation also happens naturally during the course of the various updates of the game. Nest equipment may experience deflation as the level cap shifts to a higher value (as what happened to the Apocalypse and Manticore sets during the Level 50 Cap Update), while the best highest-level equipment for that level cap may be sold for higher prices than expected. Regardless, the price these items eventually normalize to a widely-accepted price range.

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