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Granom Nest
Location Accessible through Garden of Time and Space
Race/s Various
Boss Granom
Instance Info
Instance Type Nest
Recommended Levels 93
Party Size Limit 4
Entry Limit 3 per week
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Slaughterer Kikum
Defeated Agnal
Sentinel Glacinom
Experiment Addict Granom

Granom Nest is a Level 93 nest and is the first Rhadames-themed nest in the game.

Background Edit

Arcadia, the kingdom of civilisation that was reduced to rubbles by the Childs, is where the majority of Rhadames residents hail from. Now known as the “Land of Death”, only vengeful ghosts and abandoned machines roam its streets… until the kingdom fell into the hands of a strange Child named Granom.

Unlike the other Childs who relished in blood and massacre, Granom had both sanity and intellect, and he had chosen not to absorb the jewels of other Childs. Instead, he was interested in the vast knowledge of the Arcadians. After conquering the kingdom, he spared the lives of all Childs who were in Arcadia.

Could he be a… good Child…?

Yet somehow, the terrible screams resounding in his laboratory seemed to tell another story…

Overview Edit

Stage 1: Slaughterer Kikum Edit

A creature born from Granom’s experiment, Kikum is neither a monster nor a human. 
His original body and memories have been destroyed and all that’s left in him are memories of pain and the insatiable instinct to kill.

Stage 2: Defeated Agnal Edit

Agnal was a Child who lost to Granom. Battle defeats for Childs usually meant death and permanent disintegration. However, his defeat earned him an eternity of being Granom’s experimental subject. With his fate worse than death, it is no wonder Agnal is full of animosity and rage.

Stage 3: Sentinel Glacinom Edit

A powerful weapon of the Arcadians in the past, Sentinel Glacinom is now tasked by Granom to guard the Jewel Purification Facility. Heroes can have a first-hand experience of how powerful the Arcadian civilisation was, through a face-off with this robot.

Boss Stage: Experiment Addict Granom Edit

An odd Child who is thirsty for knowledge, and immensely enjoyed research and experiments, he coveted Arcadia’s knowledge so he conquered the land and took their books and accomplishments. 
Granom was fascinated with Child Jewel Experiments and used other Childs as his experimental subjects. As his fixation grew, so did the scale of his experiments, and he eventually used his own body for experiment purposes too. 
As a result, he unravelled the attributes usage of other jewels without absorbing them. However, the side effects of using multiple jewels turned him into a hideous monster.

Changelog Edit

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