Gray Ruins is a safe zone located outside of Calderock Village, opposite of Cristal Stream. A place bleak and devoid of life, the place might have been once part of Calderock Village, now closed off from the rest of the village when the monsters from Lower Ridge were able to reach the area during the Siege of Calderock. Although the Siege has long since passed, Gray Ruins continues to be a reminder to the inhabitants of Calderock Village to be vigilant in looking out for threats from outside.


Judging from the now-abandoned structures that are left behind in this area, Gray Ruins might have been part of Calderock Village, forced to be abandoned by its townsfolk during the Siege of Calderock. There are only two routes leading out of Gray Ruins: the first is a direct route to the Forest Sanctuary, a temple constructed as a worship site for Altea, while the other leads to Lower Ridge, known as part of the territory of the Red Army from the days of the Siege to the present.

Nearby ZonesEdit

Other InstancesEdit

Level Unlocked 16

Commission Boards

Argenta (Quest)

Dimensional Bunny

Grandpa Goblin

Catacombs Entrance

Dark Tower Magic Institute

Silent Monastery Main Hall

Church Ruins

Catacombs Hall

Nest Minotaur Nest
Temple of Death Entrance

Road of No Return

Death Basin

Sanctuary Core

Prayer's Resting Place

Nearby Zones

Calderock Village

Cristal Stream

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