Green Dragon Nest
Location Garden of Time and Space
Race/s Golems
Krakens (one, One-Eyed Krakes)
Humans (one, Karahan)
Dragons (one, Green Dragon Karahan)
Boss Green Dragon Karahan
Instance Info
Instance Type Raid Nest
Recommended Levels 50
Entry Ticket Fairystone
Party Size Limit 5-8
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Bishop Gaius
Swamp Golem Morgon
One-Eyed Krakes
Swamp Queen Zebel
Green Dragon Karahan

The Green Dragon Nest is the lair where biggest, baddest, and greenest Dragon to have ever walked the earth and you are the only ones who can face up to it.

This nest has since been removed from Garden of Time and Space and occurs as a normal dungeon.


It all started with a dream - a dream of goodness, of peace, of happiness. Goddess Altea dreamt of a joyous world for all to live in. But such perfection was short-lived for she was soon poisoned into eternal slumber by her jealous sister.

As Goddess Altea slept, the poison seeped into her mind and corrupted her dream world, giving rise to evil dragons determined to destroy her world. Even the inhabitants of her dreams world were not spared from the dark taint of the poison, as one by one, the weak-willed among them fell victim to its malice. These inhabitants were known as the Ancients.

Corrupted by the poison, the Ancients waged war against each other. The battle dragged on for years, and much blood was shed. Unknown to the Ancients, an evil dragon lay asleep, a thousand feet below the swampy bogs of their land. This was the Green Dragon. Feeding upon the Ancients' hatred, the evil dragon's powers steadily grew.

The Ancients only discovered the evil dragon's presence when the Great War ended. By then, all the powerful Ancients were dead and only the weaker ones who were not sent into battle survived. Unable to completely destroy the evil dragon themselves, the Ancients sought help from the Elves and sealed the Green Dragon's powers instead using totems.

For generations, the location of the sealed monster was kept as a secret, passed only from Ancient tribe leaders to their successor... until now. A cunning mysterious stranger had unraveled the secret location of the Green Dragon and set the thunderous behemoth free. Now you must set forth into it's nest in an epic quest to stop what even the powerful Ancients could not.


Stage 1: Bishop Gaius Edit

Stage 2: Swamp Golem Morgon Edit

Stage 3: One-Eyed Krakes Edit

Stage 4: Swamp Queen Zebel Edit

Stage 5: Karahan Edit

Boss Stage: Green Dragon Karahan Edit


Changelog Edit

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