Grinding is the act of doing a task repetitively, mainly to reach a higher level in the context of in-game grinding. Grinding usually forgoes the advantages of alternate ways of progress; for example, a player that grinds for levels will usually stay in one kind of dungeon to defeat monsters repetitively, while a player that grinds for secondary skill experience will craft items that may be considered useless or inefficient in favor of getting straight to high-level item production.

The advantages of grinding mostly come from a simple lack of interest in going back and forth in doing quests, or the higher-than-average yield of items and gold from clearing dungeons in record times. Take note, however, that players usually need decent equipment for efficient grinding, which in itself needs some money.

Tips Edit

  • Decide if you want a higher item yield or a faster EXP rate. Speed runs with a party can give lower EXP, but has much higher drop rates, which may be counterbalanced by more players wanting to loot drops.
  • Getting a Returned Hero to accompany your party can help in gaining EXP.
  • For more efficient grinding, Cash Items like minions (that will automatically pick up items) and EXP Scrolls can be purchased.
  • Due to FTG, there is a drop of EXP and drop rates when one's FTG is completely exhausted. Parties can remedy this due to lesser FTG consumption per run.

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