Halfmoon Slash EX
Halfmoon Slash EX
Halfmoon Slash's attack area is increased and additional slashes can be used. Skill can be used more quickly.






Passive Enhancement


Halfmoon Slash EX00:11

Halfmoon Slash EX

Enchance Halfmoon Slash and cast much faster and cooldown is greatly reduced. Additional Slash can follow after the skill.

  • Increase Casting speed, AOE Range, Attack Power and Color
  • Second swing is possible at anytime in the skill duration
  • Now consume 5 Bubble (Magic Energy)
  • Casting time is same as +50 speed plate, even if you don't have any.
  • any speed plate is viable for trickier casting time
  • Grants much faster casting time if have +50 speed plate (0.5 seconds)

70 Cap Edit

In the introduction of the new EX version, the Casting time for PVP doesn't change like the pre/non EX version.

93 Update Edit

The Casting time for PVP is now the same in PVE

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Sword Master SP Total more then: Learning SP Cost
Lv. 1 70 Halfmoon Slash 65 2 SP

Skill Information PVE Edit

Skill Level Level Required Main Wave ATK Additional hit ATK
1 (M) 70 +50% 50% of Halfmoon Slash

Skill Information PVP Edit

Skill Level Main Wave 2nd Swing
1 --- 30% of Halfmoon Slash

Trivia Edit

  • The range of the EX version is increase a little bit on the pre-EX version.
  • They decrease more the range of the non EX version.
  • Speculated first to have a full 360° angle attack range
  • EX version angle range is now 180° wide
  • There's a bug on not hitting the target on an angle of 10° and 170° even if the animation continuous (angle is same as pre-EX), on the early 70 cap
  • Moonlord suffers a lot because of the lack of faster casting speed in PVP between 70 Cap to 93 Cap
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