Heraldries are pieces of metal that, when combined with jewels, can grant greater powers to its wearer. The origin of heraldries are a mystery even to the greatest scholars of Lagendia, although there are theories which link the creation of heraldries to powerful beings. In Dragon Nest, heraldries grant additional stats to its wearer or can empower one's skills or give unique abilities.


The exact origin of heraldries remain a mystery even to the very people who dedicate their lives in the study of heraldries. One theory by Heraldry Scholar Bailey, however, suggests that heraldries may have been the creation of powerful beings, including goddesses, dragons, or scholars of the past. As of the present time, there is scarce information about heraldries and how they work, and those who specialize in the knowledge of heraldries, the Heraldry Scholars, continue their research to this day.


Heraldries are items which give additional stats or abilities when equipped.

There are three kinds of heraldries:

  • Enhancement Heraldries, which focus on giving bonuses to basic stats like Agility, magical or physical attack, and special combat stats like critical, paralyze and elemental attack and defense;
  • Skill Heraldries, which empower a character's single skill;
  • Special Skill Heraldries, which gives a unique skill; and
  • Special Enhancement Heraldries, which provides further bonuses, but these only include basic stats, health and mana, attack stats, special attack stats and special defense stats.

Unlike traditional equipment, heraldries have their own equipment window, and a character is given thirteen slots for their desired heraldries. A character may only equip a maximum of eight stat heraldries, four skill heraldries, and one special skill heraldry, and one cannot equip two heraldries of the same kind regardless of item rarity (e.g. equipping two epic Bear Heraldries and equipping one magic Bear Heraldry and one rare Bear Heraldry are not allowed).

Stat heraldries usually give a whole-number and a percentile increase of a particular stat, but a third stat may rarely appear when crafting heraldries, especially for heraldries of epic grade or above.

Stat heraldries may be extracted by any Heraldry Scholar for a fee, or can be destroyed for free in order to insert a new heraldry or replace a heraldry.

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