Gender Male
Race Human
Age 23
Occupation Heraldry Scholar
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Current Location Calderock Village
Status Alive
Voiced by Aaron Walz (English SEA)
Additional Information
Star Sign Taurus
Blood Type AB
Height 172 cm
Weight 69 kg
Likes Books
Intellectual things
Dislikes Loud noises
Snobbish people
Affiliation Free Adventurer's Guild

Heraldry Scholar Bailey is an intellectual of Calderock Village. He has a great interest in the Seals of the Ancients. His unsatiated desire for knowledge drives him to research all kinds of subjects, from legends and stories to goblin fashion.

He is very intelligent and has a gentle personality, but often appears detached from the world and is not bothered with his looks.


In his hometown, Bailey had an opinion of "a loner hermit who looked at Heraldry whole day", which was due to the fact he's spent three years not leaving his home and studying for the annual Heraldry Scholar Certificate exam after failing it for the first time, finally achieving a pass at his fourth attempt. Unspecified amount of time after this he applied for a position at Saint Heaven National Library, however as he was journeying there for his job interview he got into an accident in Calderock Village, circumstances of which forced him to remain there for some time. Attracted to the serenity of the place, he settled there, a decision of which he bears no regrets of.

Living in Calderock, he befriended Adelynn's lover Eureke. Even after Eureke's death, Bailey still keeps in touch with Adelynn and worries about her depressing state. He aided the Player on the mission to make Adelynn feel better by providing information, and hopes she will be able to play Melody of Memories again.

Bailey also helps Kali during her staying at Calderock Village, being the one who communicates her news and keeping some packages from her master Gaharam that were brought with the help of Pero. He develops feelings towards Kali and it's once caught writing a love letter for her, however he trashes it and it's unable to confess.


To befriend Bailey, Players must pick up a Ragged Loincloth, obtaining the title Cloth Tracker. Gifting Bailey gives Fondness points to Adventurer's Guild Master Deckard, and when the Aversion bar was still active it caused Merchant May's one to raise.


  • Bailey Orc Porn
    He is a fan of Harori.
  • His favorite hobby besides research is reading, with one of his favorite genres being Erotic literature.


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