Hermalte Port
Location outside the South gate of Saint Haven
Instance Info
Instance Type Field map
Recommended Levels At least 24
Party Size Limit 4

Hermalte Port is a harbor constructed by a joined effort of elves and humans as part of the diplomatic ties established by the Feather Dynasty of Saint Haven and the Elven Kingdom. It was once a channel of trade between elves and humans and opens travel routes beyond the sea, allowing smoother voyages to other places in Lagendia like Lotus Marsh.

Despite the current issues with the alliance between Saint Haven and the Elven Kingdom at the present time, Hermalte Port continues to provide sea travel routes to Lotus Marsh and land routes to Loreline River and Black Mountain.


Nearby ZonesEdit


  • Dark Mines Entrance
  • River Ruins
  • Charter Ship


Raid NestsEdit

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