Humans are a race whose main characteristics include pinkish skin, slender limbs, and a higher-than-average intellect. Most of the settlements in Lagendia are built by humans, and are currently one of the most widespread races in Lagendia a vast majority of them found in towns and cities of Lagendia. Despite lacking the longevity of elves and the superior strength of orcs, humans demonstrate their supremacy by their ability to gather vast amounts of knowledge and, after the discovery of magic, lead many achievements throughout the history of Lagendia.



Early HistoryEdit

It is strongly implied that humans were one of the many races created by Altea during her creation of Lagendia. However, humanity had little impact to the early history of the world compared to the advancements led by the Ancients. Things change, however, when a powerful Ancient named Bishas Arnobius left his knowledge of magic in the hand of two humans: Jacob and Marian.

After the disappearance of Bishas Arnobius, Jacob and Marian led humanity into the way of magic, with Jacob teaching Divine Magic while Marian taught Vision Magic. Shortly, the two sides sought supremacy over the other, and it resulted in a long-running cold war between Clerics and Sorcerers, practitioners of Divine Magic and Vision Magic respectively.

Meanwhile, the very first human kingdom was founded in Greywood Fortress (present time Saint Haven), under the leadership of the "Founder King" Feather, who began the Feather Dynasty. During his reign, the humans establish diplomatic ties with the elven kingdom; among the signs of this partnership is Hermalte Port and Lotus Marsh, the latter of which caused their diplomatic ties to be broken off by the elves.

King Feather's leadership was later discovered to be short-lived, when he suddenly disappeared, causing the Cassius Family, who was King Feather's closest relative, to assume the throne.

The Black Dragon RaidEdit

Humanity faced its first great threat with the emergence of the Black Dragon Karas. To answer this threat, a wandering swordsman named Geraint, accompanied by his "sister" Argenta, gathered warriors from the humans and the elven kingdom, thus creating the Six Heroes. With Geraint's leadership, the representatives of the humans — the Warrior Barnac, the Cleric Terramai, the Sorceress Karacule and the Royal Knight Velskud — along with the sole representative of the elves, the Archer Nerwin, fought the Black Dragon with the Saint Haven's own army and succeeded, although without severe losses in the side of the Saint Haven Army.

Despite this resounding victory, the shocking truth behind Geraint's identity as the Gold Dragon and Velskud's betrayal in favor of the Red Army, and the Catastrophic Rain's contamination of much of the survivors, left deep scars to many of the participants of the war. To this day, some still bear the repercussions of the events after fifty years.

The Siege of CalderockEdit

Decades after the Black Dragon Raid, the other races who inhabit Lagendia have begun to side with the steadily growing power of the Red Army, and the search for a child with a valuable power — a girl named Rose, who is also called as "the Prophet" — begins. In this crusade by the Red Army, a human settlement called Calderock Village experienced various sieges throughout several days. There were many losses in this battle, then called the Siege of Calderock, including the most powerful adventurers of the town; only Master Warrior Chandler survived amongst the leaders of the resistance.

Although Calderock Village held it ground during the Siege of Calderock, the Prophet remained under constant threat and was later moved to Prairie Town, where she would live a peaceful life for some time.

Present EventsEdit

After about ten years, the forces of the Red Army was able to track down Rose's whereabouts and was able to capture her. Meanwhile, the influence of the Red Army, through its Dragon Followers, began to creep through various human settlements, corrupting many into joining the Red Army's plight. Meanwhile, Velskud, who now claims the power of the Black Dragon, returns to claim the Prophet as his and establishes an army atop Black Mountain, creating a new threat for Saint Haven.

In order to eliminate threats of treachery by Dragon Follower recruits, some Clerics and Sorceresses chose to break away some of their disciples to create a neutral force that will be isolated from the cold war between the two factions. This force would later be a valuable asset in crippling the forces of the Red Army near Calderock Village and the Dark Overlord Army near Saint Haven.

Currently, the greatest threat of humanity lies within itself. Many whose will has been bent by the Dragon Followers now serve the Red Dragon, while nobles who take no heed to the threats outside the walls of Saint Haven continue to indulge in their wealth and influence. The many adventurers who now populate most of the known settlements in Lagendia aim to cooperate with necessary people and those of other races to solve these problems.

A Grim FutureEdit

Based on information by the Future Technician, humanity was brought to the brink of extinction fifty years into the future when the Red Dragon Raid falls in favor of the Red Dragon and his army, with the New Six Heroes dying without being able to subdue to Red Dragon. In this scenario, the Monolith went out of control and rendered Lagendia vulnerable to a full-scale attack by the monsters from Vestinel's world Mist Land.

The survivors of the Red Dragon Raid, including Velskud, retreated underground, where the remnants of humanity continue to persist.

After the various changes done to the past, it is uncertain if such a scenario would still be possible.

Human SettlementsEdit

Known HumansEdit

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