Hurricane Dance
Hurricane Dance
Gives a powerful kick to enemies in front. When the kick accurately hits an enemy, all its skills will be restricted and powerful consecutive attack will be given.
Learned by
Class Tempest
Type Active skill
Debuff skill
Attribute Neutral
Cooldown 33 seconds (PvE)
37 seconds (PvP)
Mana Cost 5555 (PvE)
4761 (PvP)
Maximum Level 11
Debuffs Silence: Prevents the use of all skills. Lasts 0.1 sec per hit.
Character Level 50
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
65 SP used on Acrobat skills
Required Skill/s Evade
Gameplay Video
Hurricane Dance00:07

Hurricane Dance

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK MP Cost
1 50 1462% 345% 4596 11110
2 53 -% 361%
3 56 -% 378%
4 59 -% 396%
5 62 -% 407%
6 65 1828% 474%
7 68 -% 483%
8 71 -% 492%
9 74 -% 502%
10 77 -% 530%
11 (M) 80 2194% 555%
12* - 2413% 611%
13** - 2582% 653%

* Requires skill accessory
** Requires skill accessory and skill +1 heraldry

Skill Trivia Edit

  • This skill does a total of 31 hits
    • Each hit applies a 0.1 second duration of Silence on the target.
    • The first 30 hits does 3% of board damage each.
    • The last hit does 10% of board damage.
  • If the initial kick does not connect to a target, the attack barrage won't initiate.
  • The character is considered airborne during the initial kick.
  • The skill is fully iframed throughout the casting duration.
  • The skill ignores iframes and blocking stances.
  • The skill cannot be cancelled with Tumble, but can be cancelled by other active skills, such as Kick Shot.
  • Pressing [Special Attack Button] after the last hit will trigger Somersault Kick.
  • The skill does not hit grounded target.

See Also Edit

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