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ElementalLord Etama

Ice is an attribute known for slowing down, reducing defense, or inflicting the Freeze and Frostbite debuffs to its target/s. Ice-attribute skills are predominantly present among the skills of the Sorceress, the Elemental Lord and the Elestra, although Engineers and Alchemists have their own ice skills as well. Due to the leakage of Vision magic, some Brethren Shamans and Lizardmen also learn how to use Ice spells, while the powerful Sea Dragon Serpentra's skills, including its Dragon Breath, is an ice skill itself, although occurring naturally.

Combating ice skills requires gathering equipment and items that increase one's Ice Resist, and the Paladin's Elemental Aura can decrease one's damage received from ice element skills. On the other hand, increasing Ice Attack boosts one's damage in ice-attribute skills.

Non-critical fire damage is usually denoted by a teardrop-shaped icon and numbers in blue.

Notable Ice-attribute skills Edit

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