Ice Dragon Nest
Location Northern Region, Mistland;
Accessed from Garden of Time and Space
Race/s Various
Boss Ice Dragon Gui
Instance Info
Instance Type Raid Nest
Recommended Levels 90
Entry Ticket None
Previously Seed of Snowfield
Party Size Limit 5-8 players
Entry Limit 2 per week
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Mutated Kodiak
Killing Machine Balapa
Ice Dragon Gui

Ice Dragon Nest is a Level 90 Raid Nest and the first Mistland-themed raid nest in the game. It is located on a long-abandoned fortress to the north of Merca's Heart, whose owner, a Child, is longer to be found there. The latest occupants of the area are two Childs: a "newborn" by the name of Hiver, and a powerful Child named Gui, who had the power to turn himself into a dragon that holds the power of ice.

Lore Edit

Once a human fighting against the will of Vestinel, a young girl named Hiver was brought back from near-death, transformed into a being that acts according to Vestinel's wishes—a Child. A mysterious young man, Gui, who is also a Child like her, soon became the newly-born Child's companion, and Gui immediately began to accustom himself to Hiver's presence, even if Hiver herself did not return the favor.

As if feeling responsible for the deaths of her parents, Gui decided to bring Hiver to the north, where a fortress belonging to a Child that had died long ago remained untouched, convinced that they could start a new life there. Hiver, on the other hand, simply played along, thinking that she in her weak state could live longer while in Gui's care.

After a long journey to the frozen wastelands to the north, what was known as the Frozen Sanctuary became a nest, with Gui as its keeper.

Overview Edit

Stage 1: Ruins Entrance Edit

Stage 2: Abandoned Fortress Arena Edit

Boss Stage: Frozen Sanctuary Edit

Rewards Edit

Unlike previous raid nests, IDN gives immediate rewards (called Midway Stage Rewards) to players who clear Stages 1 and 2. Clearing Stage 1 gives one Evolution Hammer Fragment - Coma and one Ice Dragon Scale, while clearing Stage 2 gives one Evolution Hammer Fragment - Coma and two Ice Dragon Scales. Players can only receive Midway Stage Rewards twice per stage per week.

Completing the entire raid nest gives a chance of obtaining the following rewards:

  • Ice Dragon Armor
  • Ice Dragon Weapons
  • Ice Dragon Squad Accessories
  • Ice Dragon Scale
  • Ice Dragon's Fury
  • Time Cube
  • Premium Labyss
  • Spera
  • High-Grade Essence of Life
  • Level 90 Unique-grade Heraldries
  • Striking Heraldry
  • Evolution Hammer Fragment - Nightmare
  • Evolution Hammer Fragment - Kornu

End Cutscene Edit

After clearing the raid nest, a short cutscene shows Hiver catching the dying Gui in her arms. Gui quickly made his last breath after trying to caress Hiver's face; meanwhile, immediately after his death, Hiver took the jewel inside the lifeless body of Gui and absorbed it into hers, arguably turning her into a more powerful Child than even Gui.

Hiver later leaves the Frozen Sanctuary for parts unknown.

Changelog Edit

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