Illusion Dance
Illusion Dance
Dances to attack enemies and recover own HP, and becomes [Spirit Enhancement] state. All damages received will be reduced in [Spirit Enhancement] state and final damage will increase when [Spirit Dance] type of skill is used.








Illusion Dance00:05

Illusion Dance

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Kali SP Total more then: Learning SP Cost
Lv. 1 15 15 10 SP

Additional Info Edit

Skill Level

Level Required

Final Damage

1 (M) 15 PvE PvP PvE PvP
60% 30% 154% 56%

Additional Info Edit

  • Has a shared cooldown with Breeze Call Dance.
  • Final Damage increases when in [Spirit Enhancement] state.
    • PVE
      • Cooldown: 15 s
      • Duration 12 secs
      • Recovers 7% of total HP
      • All dmgs received is reduced by 24%
    • PVP
      • Cooldown: 25 s
      • Duration: 12 secs
      • Recovers 1.75% of total HP
      • All dmgs received is reduced by 18%

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